Friday, December 09, 2016

Electrical Engineers Symbols for Word


I am sure you have erxpirienced  when it comes to add some simple engineering shapes to your Document, you'll notice it takes ages for you to make one in office products and final result wouldn't be as good as you expect! well the good news is i solved 50% of your problem! i spent some time and made most used Electrical engineering devices shapes for word!


and i promise i'll add new shapes to it whenever i can! so Now you don't need too spend ages to make one yourself.

all you need to do is, downloading this file by pushing download button at buttom of this page and open it side by side to the document you are working on! whenever you needed some shape simply copy and paste shapes you want from this document to you word document.

(i tested this document with different version of microsoft office there is no version with most recent version and most shapes look perfect enough for microsoft word regardless of it's version but you might not be able to edit or use some shapes at Power Point.)